Three nights in Paris! Del Place restaurant dedicated to bring the world of French cheese to Seychelles

French cheese, French bread, French wine, French music, French ‘can can’ show -- these are what guests were invited to discover at Del Place restaurant at Port Glaud, which is holding on to its tradition of organizing a cheese and wine festival during the month of November.

Dubbed ‘3 nights in Paris’, this year’s festival was held from Friday 24th  to Sunday 26th November, attracting both locals and tourists.

The Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune, was among guests present on the first night of the festival.

Renowned French Cheese Master, Gerard Poulard, had some sixty types of farm cheese on display, from his collection of ‘autumn cheeses’ made from goat, cow, and sheep’s milk.

Camembert, époisses, livarot were but a few of the cheese hailing from various regions of France that Mr Poulard had brought for the cheese buffet.

“When a client is presented with a plate of cheese at a restaurant, the person serving should be able to explain if it is made from, cow, goat or sheep’s milk, from which region the cheese comes from…that is how I got the idea of becoming a Cheese master just like we have the sommelier specializing in wine, the chef specializing in food etc....” said Mr Poulard.

“I have been coming to Seychelles for many years and I almost always find the same clientele as well as the visitors…it would be interesting to be able to go to the schools as well, to allow the students and teachers to discover and learn the art of cheese appreciation,” he added.

As Mr Poulard provided guests with explanation about the various cheeses, Sommelier from ISPC, Clement Slastan, proposed a selection of the best wine to go with the cheese, including the Beaujolais Nouveau – a French wine released on the third Thursday of November each year.

The French Cheese Master, aged 70, also known as France’s cheese ambassador has been travelling the world for several years promoting this cultural aspect of his country, something he now does together with his son.

Mr Poulard is in fact a longtime friend of Pierre Delplace, the owner of the Del Place Restaurant, and when it comes to Seychelles he has been coming to the island nation to share his expertise on cheese for the last decade.

Mr Delplace initiated the yearly cheese and wine festival during his days working at Le Meridien Barbarons and has since carried the tradition to his own restaurant – Del Place – which he opened three years ago.

“Normally, we have the festival over one evening but this year it’s ‘three nights in Paris’ where in addition to cheese and wine we also had French bread and a show with a French cancan over three consecutive days. Each time we try to introduce something new and we are seeing that more and more people, especially the Seychellois are getting to discover and love French cheese,” said Mr Delplace.

The Del Place restaurant is known to organize theme nights, including a fishermen’s night, in a bid to introduce guests to a different kind of ambiance and culinary experience.

Photo montage- Day 1 of Del Place French Cheese and Wine festival