Workshops & Road Shows

The below calendar lists upcoming activities and events that STB will be organising or attending in the different markets. This calendar is updated regularly and aims to assist industry partners with activity and resources planning in the different markets.

For more details on any activity/event please liaise with the marketing team directly.


 24th February 2017  Ahmadabad Road Show  Workshop 
 7th - 9th April  DRT Show Shanghai  Shanghai 
 4th - 6th April  Reunion Road Show  Reunion
 TBC (May)  Eastern Europe Road Show  Poland, Cezh, Hungary, Slovakia
 4th - 5th May  Spotlight in Gaborone  Botswana
 22nd - 26th May  Spotlight Workshop  Kenya / Nairobi
 6th - 9th June  Escapades Benelux  Belgium, Netherlands &  Luxembourg
 TBC  Roadshow  Austria
 TBC  Roadshow  Germany
 13th - 16th June  Escapades France  France
 4th - 6th July  Reunion Road Show  Reunion
 18th - 20th July  Seychelles SA Road  Show  South Africa
 TBC  2nd Road Show 3 Cities  China
 26th - 28th  August  Culinary Festival  Comores
 TBC  Workshop in Busan City  South Korea
 TBC  MICE SA Road Show  Johannesburg & Cape Town
 TBC  Roadshow  Germany, Austria
 TBC  Roadshow Italy  Italy
 TBC (September)  Nordic Road Show  Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
 18th - 22nd September  3 Cities Road Show  India
 3rd - 4th October  Workshop in Ireland With  TK   Ireland / Dublin & Cork
 3rd - 5th October  Magical Kenya Expo  Kenya / Nairobi
 TBC  Seychelles Road Show  Italy 
 TBC  Seychelles Workshop  Kenya / Nairobi 
 TBC  Russia Road Show  Russia 
 TBC  3rd Road Show 3 Cities  China
 TBC  Taiwan Road Show  Taiwan
 TBC (November)  UK Road Show  UK