Digital Marketing Section

The Digital Marketing Section is responsible for spearheading STB’s digital marketing strategies, involving the development and management of a dedicated suite of websites, management and monitoring of STBs various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the development and implementation of targeted online campaigns on various social media platforms.

The section is also heavily involved in engaging with influencers, bloggers, You Tubers and relevant Key opinion leaders in order to generate interest and visibility for the destination. In addition, the section ensures the availability of up to date and adequate online content to meet the needs of the users through; content development i.e. 360 videos, updated image gallery, VR technology, development of web-based and mobile applications.

Keeping abreast with/of new trends in the digital world and ensuring the organisation and the local trade partners are well informed and ready for it, is also an important function of the section. Activities in this regards includes; online research/surveys and digital marketing workshops/seminars.