Finance Section

The Finance Section is responsible for providing support, advisory and centralized services in the field of finance. It ensures the proper monitoring of policies, guidelines and standards as per the Public Finance Management Act and Procurement Act. As a support section, the finance section offers checks and balances of the STB’s books of accounts. The section assists the various sections utilize their budgets appropriately and in set times and standards. Its primary objectives are;

-       Ensure effective and efficient utilization of financial resources.

-       Institute adequate financial controls.

-       Assist in the mobilization of STB’s financial resources.

-       Preparation of the STB’s budget.

-       Preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports.

-       Preparation of annual financial statements for audit purposes

The section also liaises with the Ministry of Finance and Treasury department for the timeous release of funds and manages the budget in a way that aligns resources with the strategic objectives of the organisation.

It consults and advises the Programme Manager and Sub-Programme Managers and other employees on policies, strategies, laws, regulations and procedures and provides guidance on all financial matters.

It facilitates the smooth and efficient functioning of the organisation’s financial system, ensuring that the budget allocation is apportioned appropriately, taking into consideration approved programmes and sub-programmes as well as needs and priorities.